The Smart Bike Light That Enhances Riders' Safety and Reduces Incidents With Traffic

Survue detects vehicles' exact location, predicts where they are going, alerts you if they are near, and automatically records video of vehicles that pass too closely giving you maximum situational awareness and peace of mind.

Invest In Peace of Mind

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The Only Bike Light That Predicts Vehicle Path

Like your ears, radar technology knows a vehicle is approaching somewhere behind you. While, like your eyes, only Survue detects the exact location of vehicles and predicts where the vehicle is going resulting in meaningful alerts and confidence.

Automatically Records Close Passing Vehicles

Videos of collisions from behind and close passing vehicles are recorded using the predicted vehicle course rather than accelerometers. This reduces false positives and endless sifting of video data.

Confident Rides With Meaningful Notifications

Cyclists receive alerts based upon approaching vehicle speed, direction, and vehicle type rather than just the speed.  Alerts are communicated through an onboard speaker when Survue is used standalone mode. Users connected to app or bike computer receive visual and audio cues for approaching vehicles so you're not surprised by close passes or large trucks.


Cell App Option To Control Your Ride

Connected app allows you to receive visual alerts and audio alerts from your phone and taillight while riding. App is also used to change settings and retrieve recorded video after your ride allowing you to control your data and your ride through customizable settings.

Bright, Modulating Light with Multiple Modes

Bright light changes its intensity to alert distracted drivers. There are three light modes that auto adjust the brightness based upon ambient light conditions to save your battery.

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!